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Speech disorders occur when a person is unable to produce speech sounds correctly or fluently, or has problems with their voice or a quality of sound.  Language disorders occur when a person has trouble understanding others (receptive) or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings (expressive language).  This is where Speech Language Pathologists (or Speech Therapists) come in the picture.  Our Speech Therapists are experts in their craft and can get you back on track to enjoying communicating with those who you care about. 

Speech Therapy – Language Pathology Services Include:

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These People Are Wonderful!
My L4 and L5 were mashing against my sciatic nerve. The surgeon recommend surgery. I said let me do some physical therapy and become a little stronger.... Now, I can squat, lift a 12" iron frying pan, lost 30 pounds (a little eating right helps with that!) And THE BEST PART I'm no longer in the pain I was in... THESE PEOPLE ARE WONDERFUL!!!!
Vicki Harrell
Back Pain Treatment
No More Pain
My husband injured his arm... and was in constant pain for three months. Every since he went to Kinetic, he has experienced no pain. He is doing his exercises and doing what the doctor said. I am so glad that we found Kinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Dawn Gibson
Shoulder Pain Treatment