Speech Therapy

Speech disorders occur when a person is unable to produce speech sounds correctly or fluently, or has problems with their voice or a quality of sound.  Language disorders occur when a person has trouble understanding others (receptive) or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings (expressive language).  This is where Speech Language Pathologists (or Speech Therapists) come in the picture.  Our Speech Therapists are experts in their craft and can get you back on track to enjoying communicating with those who you care about. 

Speech Therapy – Language Pathology Services Include:

Speech Therapy Reviews

This place is AMAZING! They have everything you could need/want for a healthy lifestyle and help getting assistance from PT, exercise, aquatic exercise, massage and most importantly Doctors and licensed staff who are wonderful, professional, fun and eager to help! You can tell they honestly love working there! Love this place and the fabulous staff!

~Kristen H.

5 stars

My post-surgery arthritic foot limits my choice of exercise options. I have been taking the aquatics exercise classes for a few months, and they are giving me the cardio, strength, and toning that I could not get before due to physical limitations. Kiara is exceptional in knowing exactly how hard to push me while still allowing me to enjoy the high of exercising again. A great workout that will get me 100% more mobile in no time. Highly recommend Kinetics.

~Holly W.

5 stars

I love Kinetic Physical Therapy. I am at that age where things are falling apart or hurting where I didnot know it could hurt. They have kept me from back surgery 10 years ago and my back does not hurt now!!! I go to the aquatic class weekly. Jill Davis was my physical therapist recently after knee surgery. Great job!!!

~Docia H.

5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed the aquatics exercise class. J love it because it gives me sense of personal attention with the smaller crowd and Kiara is easy to follow and very welcoming. I’m 9 months out from a second knee replacement along with severe osteoarthritis but I feel very comfortable in this class compared to another aquatics exercise class I observed at another location before I decided to try it. Thank you Kiara and Kinetics.

~Teresa R.

5 stars