Physical Therapy FAQs

Kinetic Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists who are crazy about helping you make your life better.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and closed toe shoes.  If you are coming on a work day, we have areas for you to change clothes.

If you’ve had an X-ray or MRI, please bring the results with you, or we can get it from your physician.  An X-ray or MRI is Not needed to start therapy however.  Your therapist will do a comprehensive assessment at your first visit.  If it is felt that additional imaging is needed, your therapist will collaborate with your physician.

We provide a variety of specialty treatments, and we will customize a program that combines the best techniques that are specific for your condition.  Some of our common treatments are therapeutic exercises, soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, aquatic therapy in our heated salt water pool, instruction in home strategies, trigger point dry needling, lymphedema treatment, women’s pelvic health therapy, and more.  Your treatment will be hands on and one on one with your therapist

At Kinetic, you will have the same therapist that you start with.  Our therapists with similar specialties do work in small teams so that if your therapist is absent or if you have a scheduling conflict we can still provide you with the same care. 

Generally, your initial visit will be 1 hour since your therapist will do a comprehensive assessment, explain to you their professional recommendations for treatment, and get you started with things you can benefit from right away. Follow up sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour depending on your condition.

Your therapist will begin by asking you lots of questions about your health. These will include specific questions about your condition and any symptoms that led you to see them. The details you give will help your physical therapist assess whether you are likely to benefit from physical therapy. It also will help them choose the treatments that are most likely to help you.


Your therapist also will ask you specific questions about your home or work setting, your health habits and activity level, and your leisure and sports interests. Their goal is to help you become as active and independent as possible and return to the activities you enjoy.

Your physical therapist will perform a detailed exam. Depending on your symptoms and condition, your physical therapist may evaluate your:

  • Strength.
  • Flexibility.
  • Balance.
  • Coordination.
  • Posture.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Heart and respiration rates
  • Pain 

Most treatment plans are 2-3 visits per week but this will vary based on your condition and your goals.  Treatment plans are usually between 4-12 weeks.  We realize everyone is unique, so your therapist will create your plan based on your individual needs and schedule.

We are in network with most insurance carriers. Most insurers cover therapy services. We will typically get your basic insurance information prior to your first visit so that you can be informed in advance if there is any concern that your insurance would not cover your therapy services.

1540 East Arlington Blvd. Closer to the end of Firetower Rd.  We are across the street from the Children’s World Childcare Center.

Your cost for services is determined by your insurance plan.  Check out our Guide to Insurance for more information on how insurance works.

A referral is not required to see a Physical Therapist. To see an Occupational or Speech Therapist however, a referral is required.

We recommend that the therapist has an initial evaluation. Afterwards a treatment plan will be

Typically our therapist will spend 45 mins to one hour in a session.

Sure. Ask a family member or trusted friend to go with you to your appointment. They can help you remember details from your health history and take notes to help you remember what was discussed during your visit.

Other tips to remember:

Write down any questions you might have already.  We want to answer all of your questions.

Don’t forget your photo ID and any insurance cards you might have.  We know insurance can be tricky to understand at times but we are experienced in working with your insurer and can get the information to process your claim better when we have the information.

Arrive early for your appointment so we can do any preliminary work and start with your session right on time.  Our therapists have the luxury of having one on one time with you

Relax! We are easy going people who love what we do.  We look forward to helping you live well, move more, and hurt less.

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