One highly specialized treatment that we offer at Kinetic Physical Therapy & Wellness to enhance your recovery and wellness is cryotherapy. Cryotherapy, more commonly known as cold therapy, involves using the healing properties of very low temperatures to help restore damaged tissues in the body. You deserve access to more than just ice packs after your session is over.

At Kinetic Physical Therapy & Wellness, we have a cryogenic machine that allows patients to immerse their entire body into a chamber between -100°C and -160℃. There is a wealth of evidence behind this treatment, which is effective because it temporarily decreases blood flow to a certain area of the body. This reduction in blood flow lowers swelling and regulates nerve activity, which is proven to decrease pain levels. 


Benefits of Cryotherapy

Improved recovery after an injury

Enhanced athletic and functional performance

Higher energy levels

Accelerated muscle recovery time

Increased collagen production (to assist with healing tissues)

Strengthened immune system

Reversal of some signs of aging in the body

More metabolic activity, leading to more calories burned

Management of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis

Patients will participate in sessions lasting around 3 minutes, since that’s all it takes to reap the therapeutic benefits of this cryotherapy. This treatment is very safe for the general population, but it’s not recommended for people with heart problems or high blood pressure, as these conditions are sensitive to changes in blood flow. As a result, patients will be screened for potential health concerns prior to taking advantage of this wellness service.

At Kinetic Physical Therapy & Wellness, you will complete your cryotherapy session under the supervision of a trained professional who will be able to assist you with using this state-of-the-art equipment. Our team hopes to enhance your mental and physical health through cryotherapy and a wide range of other wellness-based services.

Kinetic Kryo

Kinetic Kryo Single Cryotherapy Session

Whether your goal is workout recovery, pain management, mental well-being, or whole body wellness to rejuvenate your body, cryotherapy is for you. Step in and chill out with your cryotherapy session. 

Come with a team of 10 or more individuals in a group and enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy together.  Whether your goal is workout or post game recovery, pain management or pre-game prep, cryotherapy is for you. Step in, chill out, and take care of your body with your cryotherapy session.

Price covers the first 10 people.  Add $10 more per person for additional group members

Kinetic Kryo TEAM Cryotherapy Session

It was my son and I first time trying Cryotherapy. We had a great experience. Great staff! Nick was awesome! I will definitely try it again.

~Julissa L.

5 stars

“This is such an amazing place. They have everything under one roof…PT, OT, Speech, a heated pool, a courtyard….even a dietician and a cryotherapy chamber….it is clean and the people are always so happy and friendly. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.”

~David E.

5 stars

I am totally satisfied with the services that I have received from Kinetic Physical Therapy. My therapist Denise has been very essential to my improvement. Her positive attitude and sense of humor always puts me at ease. I know I will continue to heal and that I am in very good hands.

~Derek C.

5 stars

The doctors and staff are exceptional. In addition to regular strengthening, I was able to have aquatic therapy which I found very helpful. Dr. LaTanis Dickens took her time to determine what I needed for my rheumatoid arthritis and worked on those areas at each session. I highly recommend this business.

~Mildred S.

5 stars

Kinetic has been an incredible source of care and recovery following injury and postpartum. The customer service is consistent from the from desk to providers. My care has always felt personal and intentional. I’ve also enjoyed the cryo service or workout recovery. 10 out 10 recommend!

~Christy J.

5 stars

Simone is amazing! My stress level and tension went from an 8 to 0 during my massage. An hour of tranquility that I most certainly recommend and will schedule again. Thank you, Simone!

~Kristen H.

5 stars

My back went out in the worst way in August of this year and all the doctors wanted to do was pass out prescriptions. I wanted more, a quality of life. I didn’t want to be on medication to get through the day. So, I was recommended to this facility by my primary. I am so very glad he did. This facility is AWESOME, the moment you walk in the door they make you feel like you are family and the compassion and concern they have for your situation, what ever that may be is off the charts. The smile and greeting you get from the receptionists right down to the physical therapists is amazing. I looked forward everyday going to my appointments, because I knew I would come out of my session feeling great. I called my therapist Barbara, my angel therapist. I loved working with her, she pushed me even when I didn’t think I could and was there for me every step of the way. I just can’t say enough about this facility. I wish more places and doctors would have the compassion and concern for their patients as this place does. Just AMAZING!!!

~Julia D.

5 stars

I recommend this professional business because of that–it is professional in every way. I never have to wait to be seen, the facility is very clean, I am given sanitized equipment to work on, everyone is masked up for protection, my PT gives me all of his undivided attention, and as soon as we go into the therapy area, focusing in on what needs to be accomplished in that session is ordered and executed! On Monday, Zach, my PT, hit the headquarter area causing the most pain, I think. With his expertise of physical therapy being well conversed, I understood what needed to be done. We both expected improvement out of that session, and got I it! My mobility was even noticeable to my husband and a couple of coworkers! I am Confident that I will reach my mobility goals with Kinetic Physical Therapy & Wellness. I hope if you need physical therapy, you would give your body this advantage; you will be so happy you did.

~Tiana K.

5 stars