Nora Digregorio

Nora Digregorio - Occupational Therapist


Nora Digregorio is an Occupational Therapist. She specializes in working with adults who have experienced orthopedic and neurological injury, work-related injury, neurological vision impairment, as well as those with Intellectual Disabilities. She also works with pediatric patients with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, orthopedic injuries, and developmental delays.

Nora DiGregorio earned a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University. She was a military kid so she has lived a little bit of everywhere. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, painting, camping, kayaking, working out, and spending time with friends. Nora loves what she does! She has been practicing for 12 years and it never gets old. She sees every day as an opportunity to be a part of someone’s healing journey.

Nora DiGregorio, a passionate and dedicated Occupational Therapist at Kinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness in Greenville, NC. With years of experience and a genuine commitment to improving lives, Nora DiGregorio brings a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and innovation to every client she serves. Specializing in pediatric and adult occupational therapy, Nora DiGregorio possesses a deep understanding of the diverse needs and challenges faced by individuals of all ages, from developmental milestones to daily living activities and beyond.

Nora’s approach to occupational therapy is rooted in personalized care and holistic healing. She takes the time to truly listen to her clients, understanding their goals, concerns, and aspirations. Through evidence-based interventions and creative problem-solving, Nora collaborates closely with each individual to develop customized treatment plans that address their unique needs and promote independence, function, and overall well-being. Whether she’s working with children to enhance sensory processing skills or assisting adults in regaining mobility and autonomy following injury or illness, Nora’s unwavering dedication shines through in every session, empowering her clients to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Driven by a genuine passion for helping others and a commitment to excellence, Nora DiGregorio embodies the spirit of Kinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness. Her unwavering dedication to her clients, coupled with her expertise in occupational therapy, makes her an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted partner in your journey towards improved function, independence, and quality of life. Experience the transformative impact of Nora DiGregorio’s compassionate care and personalized approach at Kinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness in Greenville, NC, where your well-being is our top priority.

I am totally satisfied with the services that I have received from Kinetic Physical Therapy. My therapist Denise has been very essential to my improvement. Her positive attitude and sense of humor always puts me at ease. I know I will continue to heal and that I am in very good hands.

~Derek C.

5 stars

The doctors and staff are exceptional. In addition to regular strengthening, I was able to have aquatic therapy which I found very helpful. Dr. LaTanis Dickens took her time to determine what I needed for my rheumatoid arthritis and worked on those areas at each session. I highly recommend this business.

~Mildred S.

5 stars

Kinetic has been an incredible source of care and recovery following injury and postpartum. The customer service is consistent from the from desk to providers. My care has always felt personal and intentional. I’ve also enjoyed the cryo service or workout recovery. 10 out 10 recommend!

~Christy J.

5 stars

Simone is amazing! My stress level and tension went from an 8 to 0 during my massage. An hour of tranquility that I most certainly recommend and will schedule again. Thank you, Simone!

~Kristen H.

5 stars